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Massage Gran Canaria, good story about massage,

Enjoy a massage Gran Canaria, to experience something amazing. This is the only place on earth.

Massage and great touch reduces stress, tiredness after work, it helps to get rid of all problems and it is a great gift idea for a loved one. There is the world's probably no one who does not lubiłby relaxing massages. You do not know how to do massage your partner? Thanks to the guidance set out below, soon You shall make that your partner will feel like heaven!

Always massage every start and finish stroking. Gentle stroking, with a small force will silence the body. And vice versa - strong and vigorous stroking stimulates the body.

Stroking perform along and transverse to the axis of the body and circumferentially - eg. Around the blades. Pats can do with your fingertips, the entire surface of hands, thumbs, etc. clouds of.

Body massage using circular movements, performing at least three wheels in one place. With each wheel are increasing force (and thus the second should be stronger than the first, the second, third). This part of the start of the massage belt, gradually shifting toward the shoulder.

Circles can perform fingertips, the entire surface of hands, thumbs, or clouds of grzebyczkami. Best start rubbing the tips of performing the 3 circles in one place, moving in the direction of the shoulders along the spine. Then move your hands back to the belt and repeat the same operation 2 more times (after 3 circles all over the place, three times repeated on the entire back). Then perform grinding the entire surface of the hand, again, massaging from the waist toward the shoulder, after 3 circles all over the place.

Kneading cross. Movements are made from the spine to the side. Kneading involves recognition between the thumb and other fingers stretches the muscles and then the transfer of a section of the second hand. We provide the muscle stretch the fingers of one hand to the thumb the other and vice versa.

Kneading oblong. Movements are made from the waist toward the shoulders. This activity is performed in the same way as the previous one. Grab bars muscle fibers (starting with those closest to the spine) the thumb of one hand and fingers of the other and then pass the thumb fingers of one hand to the other.

Pressure. Oppression thumbs band of muscles along the spine, starting from the waist, ending near the cervical vertebrae. Oppression right thumb - muscle on the right side of the spine. Gradually reduce the strength of oppression and at the same time start the oppression of the left thumb muscle on the left side of the spine.

Kneading sigmoidal. Kneading is performed using the thumb on muscle located directly along the spine. Thumbs placed on the muscles on the opposite side of the spine at different levels within a few centimeters. While holding thumbs fold muscle to move the right thumb on the left, then left over the right and so on. Sliding muscle should be arranged in the shape of the letter "S" (hence the kneading sigmoidal).

Rollover (mouse). We grab the muscle between the thumb of both hands and the rest of the fingers. Move the folds in the direction of the shoulder is not distracted by the thumbs from the skin massaged. A fold move all his fingers moving apart from the thumb, which should strongly adhere to the skin.

Massage playa del ingles - a great place for a great massage.


Patting a quick succession of elastic impact. Patting should be done always hitting the muscles laterally. Oklepujemy fingertips, palms arranged in the shape of a spoon, the edge of the palm (patting carat). Never oklepywać kidney area!


See step 1.

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