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Gran Canaria is called miniature continent

Gran Canaria is called miniature continent because we find here different types of landscapes. Above the island is dominated by the volcano with snow peaks and lowlands are evergreen and overgrown exotic vegetation.

grand canaria sea

Proximity to the Sahara made the winds blowing from the Africa brought with them the sands of the desert and formed great sand dunes and wide sandy beaches. In addition, on Gran Canaria there are extensive valley with lush vegetation and caves and steep cliffs. On arriving here on holiday or trips last minute tourists are moments of rest in the citrus groves and mysterious windmills and characterized by stone buildings canary showing the character of the island.
Gran Canaria - attractions, what to visit

On a holiday to Gran Canaria should choose in the period from April to November, when the air temperature does not drop below 22 ° C.

Tours last minute focuses mainly on places such as Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Playa de Taurito, San Augustin and Las Palmas. Entertainment and carefree fun emanates destination trips to Gran Canarie- Playa del Ingles. It is a resort for those who wish an active holiday. Many impressions provides Waterpark Aquasur and botaniczno- zoo Palmitos Park. Charming tropical gardens and sandy beaches and extensive they give amazing views and the opportunity to relax. It is just in Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas there are modern and comfortable hotels of international fame, with luxury apartments with high standard services.

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